Backpack Hero(V20240704)

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【Game Introduction】

backpack hero Douyu webcast starts! Many anchors live passionately 24 hours a day:

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Anchor Akiyama,-August 14 14:00
Little Fairy Qi Sauce-August 14 19:00
Rabbit, August 14 19:30
never early 10 yuan-August 14 20:00
Hani Sister-August 14 21:30
Jacket Rabbit- -10:00
Momo,-August 15th 19:00
Anchor Zhu Da-August 15th 19:00
Shengyin's anchorroom-August 17th 16:00
I Yazz,-August 18th 19:30

experience Roadmap!

break into the dungeon! "backpack Hero" is an item bar management Roguelike game! This game is different from the Roguelike game you are familiar with. Your intensity is not only about what items you have, but also about how to upgrade and organize your backpack. You need to put your items properly in your backpack to stimulate their potential!

organize backpacks, combine props, tap the potential of props!

there are more than 300 kinds of props in the game, each of which has its unique ability, and the location of the item has a great impact on its effect, so reasonable placement can exert its powerful effect.

three roles three ways of playing, with a variety of genres collide with different chemical reactions!

New Hero Frog in each battle, your strength will vary with the number of turns, and your weapon strength depends more on the use of special props "carving" effects than simply tidying up your backpack. Robot rats are activated with weapons and props through the current emitted by the core in each round.

meet enemies and friends, resolve difficulties and break into the depths of the dungeon!

in this world, there are all kinds of animals living in dark dungeons, and you will encounter all kinds of friends and sinister enemies! With the help of partners, repair the scarred body, strengthen the weapons, defeat the enemy and break through many obstacles.

dungeon volcano, cave swamp! Use the strategy to save the day!

in addition to tidying up your backpack, you can also explore ancient dungeons, caves, swamps, and other unique dangers! In the game you can fight more than 30 kinds of enemies, and they are all lurking in different maps, please proceed carefully and don't get lost!

multiple random events, reverse the situation, rewrite your destiny!

all kinds of random Mini Game you encounter during adventures to set aside rest time for your difficult journey. These games are rewarded with risks, and if you are lucky enough to get key props or even turn things around, you may end the adventure early if you are unlucky.

after a moment of respite before the adventure, you can use the resources collected to upgrade your town, and by building a perfect town, you may eventually be able to restore the whole world of Audria and save the fellow animals who live here!


【Configuration Requirements】

OS: Windows 7 (SP1+), Windows 10 and Windows 11
CPU: 1.1 GHz Processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DX10, DX11, DX12 capable.
DirectX Ver: 10
Storage: Need 250 MB Available space