Uncharted Waters IV HD Version

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【Game Introduction】

the popularity of the "Great Navigation era" series SRPG "the Great Navigation era IV" has made its debut with the new look of HD!
this work takes the 16th century European "Great Navigation era" as the stage, players will be explorers, businessmen, soldiers and other different identities with all kinds of people around the world to perform ups and downs of ocean adventure.
the purpose of players in the game is to seize hegemony in different seas, search for "overlord's certificate" sleeping in different places, and eventually become the overlord of the Seven Seas.
explore relics around the world, unscramble the secrets of treasure maps, discover buried treasures. Many plots will make your sailing legend brilliant.
what are you waiting for? set sail!
[game screenshot]

【Configuration Requirements】

OS: Windows® 8.1,10 64bit
CPU : Intel Core i5-7500 or over (3.4GHz or over)
图形Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti, Radeon HD 5770 or over
Memory容量: 4 GB RAM
Storage空间: Need 4 GB Available space