NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

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【Game Introduction】

Command a space battleship fleet according to your game style. Support small task groups consisting of robust and flexible multi-role combatants, or task groups consisting of a large number of specialized ships, or in between. Fight in a highly simulated tactical game, from dynamics and beam weapons to realistic radar and electronic warfare. Hazy seamlessly integrates the thoughtfulness of pre-mission planning, the tension of combat decisions, the pressure of real-time action, and the pain of inevitable sacrifice into an intense tactical space game. allows you to reflect on each decision (and mistake) within hours after each battle.
skip economic management: you are here to lead the fight. Take your entire fleet into the battlefield and plan your actions carefully. Systematic combat based on the depth of advance, retreat, and counter-advance allows players to maintain tension without being numb by explosions on the screen. Because there are no reinforcements, every blow is painful and every loss is important. Victory requires careful planning and precise execution.


【Configuration Requirements】

OS: Windows 10
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: GTX1050 or Equivalent
DirectX Ver: 11
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Storage: Need 2 GB Available space