You Suck at Parking

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【Game Introduction】

are you walking through your busy life, waiting for the next stop
to slam on the brakes and slide into the parking space
to follow the wake in front of you, but your heart wants to stop and enjoy the leisure time of daydreaming
"Wild parking ™" is just such a game for you

get ready to feel the world's ultimate parking experience in Wild parking ™. This is the only game where your side parking skills are more important than your driving skills. Race against time and pull your handbrake in more than 100 increasingly difficult wild levels.
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racing into the designated parking space at crazy speed will not only keep you cool-headed, but also unlock new custom options and add fun to your parking trip.
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want to show the world your wild driving skills from 0 to 60 miles? Want to prove that you are a well-deserved champion? Challenge the global rankings and prove to your friends that you really have the ability to "park" to get everyone's applause. Maybe you can't stop the world, but at least you can park the car.
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got into a fierce dispute with his friends to see who is better. Force them to an emergency stop in a multiplayer game to compete for a place on the podium!
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more vehicles?
more ecological zones and tracks?!
more custom options?!
fully functional level editor?!
there are more and better things?!
"Wild parking ™" will be a constantly updated, expanding, ever-changing game. Please follow our social platform to learn more about our new and fine-tuned content, so that everything we change under the hood is under control!
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【Configuration Requirements】

OS: Windows 10
CPU: Quad Core Processor 2.4Ghz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA 1060, AMD RX56
DirectX Ver: 11
Storage: Need 4 GB Available space