Harem King: Peasant to Princess Gotta Breed'Em All!

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【Game Introduction】

you have been summoned to a different world with only women!
but you are only used as a living sacrifice to seal the devil Marion!
is told that you who can finally realize a wish ask you to have sexual intercourse with the beautiful queen of the world.
I don't know that men and the super beautiful breast milk queen who have sex are succumbed to the virgin's energetic breeding piston movement!
the Queen, who swore an oath of absolute loyalty, dedicated her country and her citizens to you as your special pregnant toys.
changed from a living sacrifice to a change, and you came here with a chicken as king.
humans, goblins, cat ears plus demons. Princesses, nobles, knights and civilians.
Race and status don't matter!
use all women as urinals to get them pregnant, and this is where the dreamy harem king lives!
■ high-volume fertilization harem!
recreate the king's harem life with a large capacity of basic CG34 sheets (including the difference of 383)! Enjoy the life of a king who gets the nation pregnant! Enjoy the luxury of just having sex and getting a woman pregnant. ♪
■ makes the whole kingdom a plaything queen!
conquer the other world with only one chicken! Led by queens, orc knights, leprechaun chiefs, maids, villagers, mother and daughter, fighters, orcs, villains, psychics, assassins, thieves, guards, magic messengers, elves, orcs, dark goblins, etc., from some to all, the citizens of various alien kingdoms as pregnant toys, continue to breed!
■ is full of king's feelings!
comes as the king of the harem! Use women's holes in the streets, let maids serve, punish sinners by sticking their buttocks out on the wall, get pregnant in the arena, use the queen's mouth and giant breasts anytime and anywhere, hunt Asian caves, eat on women's bodies, sleep with women's bodies, and so on. After becoming king, use the chicken with full firepower to realize these wishes!
■ simulates the life of the harem king!
where to call, which hole to use, tits or mouths, etc., through a variety of options, as much as you like to use urinals to get them pregnant!
plug in all the things you want to do after becoming king of the harem, and you can simulate the feeling of doing whatever you want!
■ deluxe full sound line! Needless to say, the main characters of
are the full voice of all women who are pregnant, such as city dwellers, guards, goblins, etc. Enjoy the voice of women who have the best part of sex and fertilization in the kingdom.
Features: later generations all have Japanese pronunciation
Adult scenes obsessed by later generations
translated from Japanese to English
High definition 16:9 and 4:3
enough for you to see
characters with dynamic effects
with collection, exhibition and scene selection
the King of the World after promiscuity is an English localized VN. Created by Norn/Miel, a famous Japanese studio. We tried to bring Japanese games to the world in cherry kissing.
* * Note * *
all character descriptions and pictures are adults and there are no underage characters used in this game.


【Configuration Requirements】

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
CPU: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX compatible
DirectX Ver: 9.0c
Storage: Need 3 GB Available space
Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound